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Political Work

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Jeanne Córdova is a pioneer founder of the gay and lesbian movement in Southern California. Her life of activism includes organizing major conferences including the National Lesbian Conference (at UCLA, 1973); campaigning against Prop 6 and serving as Media Director for STOP Prop 64.  She was a founder of many key organizations, such as the LA Gay Press Association, and was President of Stonewall Democratic Club.  Córdova has combined community activism and publishing: she edited and published the Lesbian Tide and founded the Community Yellow Pages, the nation’s largest LGBTQ business directory, and has written extensively as a journalist and author. She has an MSW, masters degree in community organizing, UCLA 1972.

Political Coming Out Birthday: Entered Gay & Lesbian Movement on October 3, 1970.
  • Co-founder & President of LEX, the Lesbian Exploratorium Project. 2007 through present. A lesbian guerilla action cultural group which produces history, culture, and arts events for Southern California lesbians and queers.
  • MUJU, “Marry Us, or Jail Us Action Alliance,” Formed and participated in post-Prop.8 civil disobedience action against the California Supreme Court’s repeal of same-sex marriage statute. (May 2009).
  • Writer-producer of ONE Archives exhibit, “GenderPlay in Lesbian Culture” — March-May 2008. (See photos).  Curated and designed by LEX.
  • Co-founder, Palapa Society de Todos Santos, A.C. President, 2001-2006. First non-profit organization founded in this Mexican pueblo town of 6,000 people. The organization founded a center for its teaching English after school program, its scholarship program for high school and college youth, and other activities.
  • President, International Gay & Lesbian Archives (1996).
  • Founder of Lesbian Legacy Collection at One Institute (1996).
  • Producer & founder of “The IGGYS”, first annual cultural awards benefit for IGLA.

  • The Queer Salon, Co-founder/Chair of literary and cultural group. 1993-1994.
  • Co-Founder, Charter Board of Directors, Vice President, CONNEXXUS, Los Angeles Lesbian Center. 1984-1990.
  • Co-founder/President, THE ALLIANCE for Lesbian Professional and Business Women (1986-87, 1989-1991).
  • Founder, PASS THE TORCH, a lesbian mentorship program. 1988.
  • Media Director for “STOP 64” California campaign to defeat Lyndon LaRouche’s Aids quarantine measure on the ballot. 1986.
  • Founder and Chair of LESBIANS AGAINST LAROUCHE. Raised $50,000 toward successful defeat of Prop. 64. 1986.
  • Founder/Organizer. BROTHERS FOR SISTERS Annual Connexxus campaign raised $30,000 from gay men’s community toward support of Lesbian Center. 1985.
  • Founder, “Jeanne Cordova Promotional Services” which won bids from Christopher Street West (1981, 1982) and Gay Community Services Center (1981, 1982) to sell advertising for their Gay Pride and Center dinner program books. Netted $10,000 profit for GCSC and was the first entreprenteur to turn program books into successful fundraisers.