“One of the best reads of the year comes from Jeanne Cordova.  Her memoir ‘When We Were Outlaws’ chronicles a time in the 1970s when she was a young lesbian reporter and activist who was fighting for lesbian visibility and equality in Los Angeles, as well as navigating her love life.  The combination of the two, along with some nostalgic waxing on womyn’s music and politics of the times makes this a must read” — AfterEllen.com

‘When We Were Outlaws’ by Jeanne Cordova reminds you why you like being a lesbian in the first place” – Autostraddle.com

” A riveting unique first hand telling of a dangerous, fractious, creative lesbian time, the lesbian feminist 70s with their messy, sexy, bold social and personal visions live again on Cordova’s pages; she was thick in the middle of things, as a journalist, as an activist, as a lover.” —Joan Nestle, editor of A Persistent Desire, A Femme Butch Reader and GENDERQUEER, Voices from Beyond the Sexual Binary.

For LGBT people who care about activism, especially those young enough to have no memory of those iconic times, Córdova’s “memoir of love and revolution” should be a must-read.” –-By Patricia Nell Warren, Bilerico Project

“When We Were Outlaws is content-rich and driven by a compelling plot. These two things make reading When We Were Outlaws a joy.” —Lambda Literary Review by Julie R. Enszer

“When We Were Outlaws is such an important addition to the literary cannon of LGBT non-fiction. The book manages to be captivating, heartbreaking, and gratifying all at once.” The Advocate by Diane Anderson Minshall